Dual-chip MEMS Microphone

3S is the first company in Taiwan to successfully design and mass produce MEMS microphone chips. The dual-chip MEMS microphone is packaged with a microphone sensor chip that is fabricated by a dedicated MEMS process, and a pre-amplifier ASIC that is fabricated by a standard CMOS process. The product features high SNR(Signal-to-Noise Ratio) as well as high AOP(Acoustic Overload Point) and is widely adapted in a variety of human-machine interaction devices that require voice capture, voice recognition, and feedback active noise canceling headphones.


3S offers both analog output type and digital output type dual-chip MEMS microphones which can be easily adapted by smart phones, smart speakers, notebooks, Bluetooth headsets, TVs,… etc. All MEMS microphones offered by 3S have passed various acoustic characteristics and reliability tests. The products have excellent acoustic characteristics and reliable quality. 3S is one of the few companies in the world that are capable of designing and mass producing a full range of MEMS microphone sensor chips and pre-amp ASIC and MEMS microphone products.

IC Name Description SNR Sensitivity Supply Voltage Supply Current Dimensions Port Location
3SM122E4T1VA Analog 59 dB -42±1 dBV 1.6-3.6V 80 uA 2.75 x 1.85 x 0.90mm Top
3SM122HZB1VA Analog 62 dB -38±1 dBV 1.6-3.6V 80 uA 2.75 x 1.85 x 0.90mm Bottom
3SM122HZB1VD Analog 62 dB -38±1 dBV 1.6-3.6V 80 uA 2.75 x 1.85 x 0.90mm Bottom
3SM121LZB1UA Analog 65 dB -38±1 dBV 1.6-3.6V 80 uA 3.76 x 2.95 x 1.10mm Bottom
3SM121PZB1MA Analog 68 dB -38±1 dBV 1.6-3.6V 80 uA 4.72 x 3.76 x 3.50mm Bottom