USB Flash Drive Controller

Drive is package USB flash drive controller and NAND Flash memory card. The prevalence of USB2.0 port of electronic products includes desktop computers, notebook computers and digital television etc., therefore, bring data by drive is quite convenient. In response to the high demand of the data transfer, USB 3.0 ultra-high-speed transmission interface, beginning in 2011 because the computer's CPU vendors introduced native support for USB 3.0 chipset, the USB 3.0 port will gradually appear on the new models computer, high speed USB 3.0 flash drive transmission characteristics gradually favored by the users in the market.

3S USB flash drive controller is fully compliant with USB 2.0 and USB3.0 specification, USB IF certification, product compatibility is very high, the best choice for the production of a USB flash drive manufacturers.


IC Name Spec. Channel Flash Support Voltage Package ECC
SSS6698 USB 2.0 1 MLC/TLC 3.3V LQFP48 24/40/64
SSS6130 USB 3.0 2 MLC/TLC 3.3V QFN64 24/40/64
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