SD Card Controller

microSD card or SD card is package SD controller and NAND Flash memory card. The structures of microSD card is relatively small SD card, mainly used in feature phones, smart phones and tablet PCs, provide good reliability of the photos and videos stored; SD card for use in general digital cameras, digital SLR cameras and digital camcorders machine provides fast storage and high-capacity function.

3S SD controller has high flexibility on error correction code (ECC), extensive support for various generations of MLC and TLC NAND Flash memory from any NAND Flash vendor. The special equalization write algorithm can be appropriately allocated writes number of the memory unit, to give full play to the effectiveness of maximum writes number of the NAND Flash memory card, and to ensure the correctness of data for long-term storage.


IC Name Spec. Channel Flash Support Voltage Package ECC
SSS5525 SD 2.0 1 MLC 3.3V LGA53 24
SSS5528 SD 2.0 1 MLC/TLC 3.3V LGA51 24/40/64
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