Corporate Social Responsibility

Although 3S is a small IC design house, we would follow closely to the EICC (Electronic Industry Code of Conduct) rule. The safety of working environment is assured, and the production process is protected from pollution. Also, rights of employees are highly protected. Company is the stage for the employees. We regard employees as the most important resource in the organization. As to society, we care about those social vulnerable groups, and join non-profit activities actively.

3S’ 10 clarifications for enterprise social responsibility:

  • Insist to be honest to the shareholders, employees, and the society.
  • Devoted to achieve balance among shareholders, employees, and all the stakeholders.
  • Offer equal and fair working environment.
  • Child labor is prohibited.
  • Respect all the employees. Restrict forced labor and discrimination in any form.
  • Rights of employees’ leave will be legitimately arranged without conflict with R&D plan and working hour.
  • Offer good job opportunity and comfortable environment. Look after both physical and mental needs of employees.
  • Protect environment. Consider employees’ health and safety as first priority.
  • Follow enterprise moral norm to ensure company operation.
  • Be strongly opposed to corruption and bribe.

Except creating value for all stakeholders, we insist our faith on sustainable development for the future. 3S will continuously be responsible for below statements and feedback to the society.

Talent has always been the most important property in the company. 3S offers preferable compensation and benefit to colleagues. With throughout education training system and plan for worker development, colleagues’ professional ability will grow and become the foundation for company development.

3S offers comfortable working environment for the colleagues. Child labor is definitely forbidden in the company. Most of the colleagues are administration duty or R&D, so the working environment has no polluted and safety concern. For colleagues to take a rest, there is TV, magazines, and free coffee/tea in the Cafeteria. Also, 3S encourages colleagues to bring their family to join activities every year for better interaction in the company.

In 3S, staff assignment, development, evaluation and compensation will be treated fairly. Salary will be based on academic degree, profession, and experience to judge. When recruiting new colleagues, age, race, religion, political position, gender, and marital status are considered as equal.

Except legal worker insurance, health insurance and worker annuity insurance, 3S offers group life insurance to colleagues and their spouses and dependants as well. Furthermore, the company has clubs and gym allowance to encourage colleagues to exercise more. Also, regular health examination allowance is provided to the colleagues.

We hope to provide colleagues a happy and comfortable working environment.
The main product of 3S is IC controller chip which is outsourcing manufactured. Except to choose qualified factory to manufacture, at the same time, the environmental inspection requirements are required during the process. From 2006, 3S assigned specific staff to apply RoHS related requirements and execution to cope with its modification. Also, auditing personnel is trained with RoHS knowledge and suppliers are asked to be compatible with RoHS and customers’ special requests. For the new product, suppliers will be requested to use environmental material to acquire RoHS improvement. Furthermore, supplier is asked to update inspection paper regularly to assure the environmental material is used.

EICC(Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition) requests suppliers to have a clear view of their mine sources such as Gold, Tin, etc. 3S would notify related supplier a not to violate standard from EICC. If not, a second supplier would replace the current non-qualified supplier for customer benefit.

As an IC design house, Solid State System not only devoted itself to product innovation, also combine the environmental idea into design. 3S hopes we can work with our partners to protect the environment for sustainable development.

Solid State System Co. has always believed that the enterprise should care about the society. Except talent cultivation and technology improvement, 3S devotes itself to the knowledge level for the next generation and care for those who need help. Donation is not the only way to feedback the society. Employees are brought together to donate goods and offer services in many None-Profit activities, such as Eden Social Welfare Foundation and The Red Cross Society of The Republic of China. Within these activities, employees know how to share and obtain the joyfulness to help.

For long-term development of enterprise, 3S should look for long-lasting business operation model but not nearsighted. In the future, 3S will continue to devote itself to the social activities with colleagues.