Corporate Governance

Membership list of the 7th Board of Directors

Term of office:2015/6/17-2018/6/16
Position Name Mainly Education and Experience


Jeffrey Lin Macronix International Co., Ltd/Manager
National Tsing Hua University/Electrical Engineering
Director Toshiba Memory Corporation

Senior Specialist
Toshiba Corporation Semiconductor Company
Master of Engineering, University of Tokyo, Japan

Director Kingston Technology Corporation
Representative:Albert Yang

Director of Kingston Flash Engineering Division
Feng Chia University Electronic Engineering

Director Tim Hu Macronix International Co., Ltd/The Director
Atronics International, Inc. /Director of R & D
University of Missouri, Columbia, Master(EECS)Master


Koshitetsu Xiang Construction Inc
Fukuzaki Construction Inc
Taiwan University economic and economic system


Ken Lin CitibankTaipei Branch /Assistant Manager
Hsbcinvestments/General manager
National Taiwan University//Department of Political Science
New York University, USA/MBA


 Cheermore Huang
Chairman and President, Chief Technology Officer
Furniture Commissioner, Xin Wang Technology Co., Ltd.
Tsinghua Daigaku Institute of Electrical Engineering Research


James Hou   Tadashi Ohmori (head) Co., Ltd. President
President Huya Net (Sho) Co., Ltd.
National Tsing Hua University academic society
Meet one of the following professional qualification requirements, plus at least five years of work experience Criteria (Note)

Number of Other Taiwanese public companies concurrently Serving as an independent Director

Commerce, law, finance, accounting or lecturer with business related departments of public or private university Judges, prosecutors, lawyers, accountants or other business required national examination to obtain a professional certificate Commerce, law, finance, accounting or business required work experience 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Jeffrey Lin
No No No No No 0

TOSHIBA Representative:
Hiroshi Sukegawa

No No No No No 0

Tim Hu

No No No No 0

Kingston Technology Corporation
Representative:Albert King

No No No No No 0
TIEN WANG No No No No No 0
Ken Lin
Cheermore Huang
No No 0
James Hou
No No 0

Note:Directors, during the two years before being elected or during the term of office, meet any of the following situations; please tick the appropriate corresponding boxes:

  1. Not an employee of the company or any of its affiliates.
2. Not a director or supervisor of the company or any of its affiliates. The same does not apply, however, in cases where the person is an independent director of the company, its parent company, or any subsidiary in which the company holds, directly or indirectly, more than 50% of the voting shares.
3. Not a natural-person shareholder who holds shares, together with those held by the person’s spouse, minor children, or held by the person under others’ names, in an aggregate amount of 1% or more of the total number of outstanding shares of the company or ranking in the top 10 in holdings.
4. Not a spouse, relative within the second degree of kinship, or lineal relative within the fifth degree of kinship, of any of the persons in the preceding three subparagraphs.
5. Not a director, supervisor, or employee of a corporate/institutional shareholder that directly holds 5% or more of the total number of outstanding shares of the company or that holds shares ranking in the top five in holdings.
6. Not a director, supervisor, officer, or shareholder holding 5% or more of the shares of a specified company or institution that has a financial or business relationship with the company.
7. Not a professional individual who, or an owner, partner, director, supervisor, or officer of a sole proprietorship, partnership, company, or institution that, provides commercial, legal, financial, accounting services or consultation to the company or to any affiliate of the company, or a spouse thereof.
8. Not having a marital relationship, or a relative within the second degree of kinship to any other director of the company.
9. Not been a person of any conditions defined in Article 30 of the Company Law.
10. Not a governmental, juridical person or its representative as defined in Article 27 of the Company Law.

In accordance with the provisions of the Securities Exchange Act, 3S convened a meeting for setting 2 independent directors on Jun 8, 2018.

The independent director candidate are nominated by the Board of Directors.  the meeting of the board of directors reviewed the candidature on Jun  8 , 2018.

Anyone who held more than one percent of the issued shares, the man could propose the name list in writing, the nomination of shareholder shall not exceed the number of directors to be elected. All intentionally proposal shall state the contact infomation and send out with registered by April 10, 2018. Moreover, please fill the word "shareholder proposal letter".

Accepting the premises: Solid State System Co., Ltd.  Finance Division【5F -1,No. 22,Taiyuen Street, Jubei City, Hsinchu, Taiwan】

Position Name Elected Weights


Jeffrey Lin    107,700,320 Shares


TIEN WANG  93,474,299 Shares 


Toshiba Memory Corporation
Representative:KOJIRO HATANAKA
Director Kingston Technology Corporation
Representative:Albert Yang  


 Tim Hu 92,868,236 Shares  


Cheermore Huang 20,048 Shares


Ken Lin 9,895 Shares


James Hou   7,476 Shares
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 2015.11.05  The Seventh 3th Board of Directors
2015.08.06 The Seventh 2rd Board of Directors
2015.06.17  The Seventh 1st Board of Directors  
2015.05.06  The Sixth 17th Board of Directors  
 2015.03.20  The Sixth 16th Board of Directors  
 2015.01.30 The Sixth 15th Board of Directors  
2014.11.06 The Sixth 14th Board of Directors
2014.08.07 The Sixth 13th Board of Directors
2014.05.08 The Sixth 12th Board of Directors
2014.03.20 The Sixth Eleventh Board of Directors
2014.01.23 The Sixth Ten Board of Directors

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