About 3S

Company Profile

Solid State System Co., Ltd. (aka 3S) founded in Year 1998, is well known by its profound NAND flash knowledge and experiences accumulated on mobile storage medias. Headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan and with branch offices located in both Taipei and Shenzen, China; 3S was listed for GTSM (GreTai Securities Market) trading in Year 2007 (Stock symbol: 3259).

With a solid technical team as foundation, 3S soon received international recognitions by providing ultra performance IC solutions with high reliability and on-time delivery. Ever since then, 3S has been striving hard at pioneering NAND-based controller solutions as well as expanding its product portfolios. In Year 2010, 3S has successfully developed and launched its MEMS microphone based on CMOS process. By holding various critical patents, 3S became the first IC design house in Taiwan to offer such advanced microphone solution that is easily adopted during production and also cost saving driven.


Mission and Vision

Corporate Management is mainly focused on three different fields: “Team work”, “Innovation”, and “Strategic Alliances.”
-  Team work: emphasizes on interpersonal communications by listening and absorbing ideas across different departments.
-  Innovation: emphasizes on motivation, creativity, and professionalism
-  Strategic Alliance: emphasizes on strong third-party partnerships in order to provide prompt technical services and support to customers worldwide.
With all these aspects properly carried out, 3S is able to achieve its social responsibilities while pursuing its technical leadership at the same time.

3S highly values opinions and feedbacks from customers when it comes to product development. Understanding the exact needs from customers is the key to success. We, at 3S, are constantly pushing the technologies toward the best mobile storage solutions and audio applications. In order to provide our customers with the most reliable and competitive product and services is what drive us ahead.